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Do you have a website that offers a valuable service to our visitors?
If so, contact us and we will consider giving you a free link.

If you are an agent or proof-reader who would like a free link to your
home page, contact us with your details and we will list you.
(And yes we know there are 7 errors on this website, thank you - but if you can find more than
that we might just be interested in offering you some work ourselves; once we have finished blushing.)

Featured Link: Relaxation

http://www.soundsleeping.com  has a free simple-to-use relaxing sound generator. Several sliders allow you to pick ocean sounds, rain, thunder bonfire, creek and a selection of other effects.

Featured Link: Simple Historical Research Tool

You enter your year of birth and it tells you the significant events that happened during that year - and then that decade in general. Although entertaining when used for its intended purposes, if you are trying to find some accurate information for establishing a characters past, this can be invaluable.

If you need some free or sensibly priced artwork for cover illustration, we can suggest
this online resource. It is one of the three we prefer and as well as getting free images
you can also get some free credits from time to time with various promotions.

Other Links

Duotrope: search for short fiction & poetry markets

Note *

Writers - please remember that if your material is adult in nature - it is important to advise
a potential proofreader or agent before submitting your manuscript. Not all agents and proofreaders wish to handle all genres - particularly horror or fetish and extreme adult

Do you produce a Magazine?

If you do - and can offer us a good discount from your rate
card, we might be interested in trying an advert with you.

Then contact us if you have a fantastic circulation:price ratio!

This company provides artwork of a quality suitable for
book cover illustrations from around 70p / $1
  In most cases the SMALL size (1 credit) is enough as the image will only form part of the cover (Title and Author too)

(KindlePress is our sister site with almost identical content)
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